What is N-Code Yoga Practice?

N-Code Yoga Practice is the combination of Ancient Wisdom and Progressive Science. It is the innovative approach to Hatha Yoga, its definition and its purpose. N-Code Yoga Practice is based on the knowledge of ElectrophysiologyGeomagnetism,
NeuroelectrodynamicsNeurobiology, on recent studies of Intention and its influence on DNA.

N-Code Yoga Practice has EARTHING and INTENTION in its core. It teaches how to get Grounded in order to Consciously release energy blockages via Piezoelectric Effect and how to use Intention in order to change the DNA patterns, speed up spiritual, psychological and physical development. Intention encodes and dedicates the Practice to a higher purpose, so that Yoga becomes a prayer, a gratitude, a vector of attention – all at the same time. Intention reprograms the old ways of functioning and brings a real possibility to reveal and manifest the full potential of Human Being.

This makes N-Code different from other conventional ways of yoga, however N-Code Yoga Practice is not a style or yoga school, it is an approach to Yoga Practice in general and a Perspective on Self-Practice which can be used in any yoga schools, health practices and sports. [Read More]